MaxiTrade broker honest review



MaxiTrade ( ) is a global trading service provider that specializes in all financial assets. It has been in service for more than a decade. Its long industry experience accounts not only for the company’s mastery of the field, but also their authenticity.

While this is the case, MaxiTrade is not impervious to bad reviews. Some would even say that the brokerage company is a mere scammer, looking into stealing from easily-trusting traders, both novice and experienced.

This article aims to disprove such claims. Read up on this MaxiTrade review for more information.

What MaxiTrade Does

A tenured and experienced trading service provider, MaxiTrade is a trader-friendly place for buying and selling Bitcoin globally. The countries wherein MaxiTrade is based are Singapore, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, and India. The company also has operations for Altcoins in the Philippines and Nigeria.

MaxiTrade is geared toward only one thing: to become the leading broker.

MaxiTrade’s Premium Services

MaxiTrade provides a friendly environment for all traders to expand their trading portfolio. The brokerage company offers:

  1. Dependable Trading Platforms

MaxiTrade avails traders user-friendly trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and Xcritical that are of good repute in the entire Forex Trading community. 

  1. Deposits and Withdrawals Simplified

Say goodbye to complicated processes for financial assets access! MaxiTrade knows how stressful accessing your hard-earned digital money can be and makes it easier for diligent traders like you.

  1. Monthly Fees and Extra Commissions are Done Away With

MaxiTrade scratches monthly fees and operations commissions off for the ease of trading. 

  1. Tireless Technical Support 

MaxiTrade has a reliable team of motivated traders more than competent at handling and responding to pressing trading concerns stretching from platform functionalities to opportune trading time slots.

  1. Comprehensive Data Protection 

MaxiTrade offers continuous data operation in accordance to international standards of data protection. This is under the guidance of technical specialists.

Facts About Trading

Despite knowledge on how MaxiTrade operates, misgivings about the brokerage company could still not be avoided. But before diving head-on into the defense, it would be important to take a look at 3 trading facts so as to filter out harmful opinion from essential trading information.

  1. Trading is gambling

Losses are always in store for those who choose to enter trading. Good PR about Forex trading may bear gravity about one would be wise to be always apprehensive. Easy profit is never guaranteed.

  1. Brokerage Companies are Mere Guide

A trader’s choice of service provider does not secure trading success. The company might be one that lead the trader toward a that might help in decision-making, but the one that does it is still the trader. 

  1. The Trader Still Holds the Reins

The trader chooses his or her trading path, not the brokerage company.

MaxiTrade Fraud: False News

So is MaxiTrade a scam? A resounding NO!

At the end of the day, one would realize that MaxiTrade is a legitimate company. Its people will go to lengths to provide their clients with premium services. Fraudsters only make pleasant promises, while never following through. Scammers are usually caught if one is sharp at assessing their commitments. 

Even with the proliferation of bad reviews, MaxiTrade remains afloat with its impressive portfolio and long-industry experience.

MaxiTrade Customer Reviews: The Bad

But despite the affirmation of good reputation, bad reviews about MaxiTrade still can’t be helped. However, even if everyone has the right to an opinion, despite springing from personal experience, opinion is not always tantamount to being right or, for that matter, being factual.

Here are few bad reviews gathered across the online community:

Are they registered or not?

This is the first sign that Maxitrade isn’t recommended to use by traders. They aren’t registered. And, because they aren’t registered, they aren’t regulated as well.

When a broker isn’t registered and regulated, it means that they can set up their own rules and regulations. It doesn’t need to be the regular rules and regulations that a broker needs to have. And, they can change their rules and regulations as they please. Meaning that you will never know for sure if you are doing everything according to their rules and regulations. It is important to only use brokers that are regulated. Making sure that you are using the best brokers there possible is.

The argument might be sound, but the claim is outdated. A diligent check of the facts would render MaxiTrade as certified and regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC). The company received the certification on January 15th 2019. This checks out. Even the FMRRC’s website itself posted MaxiTrade’s certification.

But we must also assess the validity of the FMRRC itself. 

This regulatory body is non-Government and independent. While a non-commercial private entity, the FMRCC is not connected to the Russian Government. On top of that, it does not have a hand in the process of authentication of Forex brokers in Russia. This plunges the FMRRC itself might be into question. 

The other reviews are more direct. A number had claimed of being scammed; that they had lost money after the preliminary commitments were fulfilled:

The problem here lies in the clients’ lack of understanding of the risks that trading comes with. While MaxiTrade agents make pleasant promises, the success of one’s trading endeavor still lies on the decisions made by the trader..

What this means is that while MaxiTrade does give trading signals and potential leads, it is still the traders that are at the forefront here. It is only natural If one is not wise, it is only normal for a trade to eat up all his or her funds. Losing will always be a risk. A trader should have a deep understanding of this.

MaxiTrade Customer Reviews: The Good

But of course, the bad is always defeated by the good. Here are a couple of good reviews that will help one see MaxiTrade at a positive light.

The MaxiTrade Broker: A Legitimate Broker

So is MaxiTrade a cheat? Nope. Those who are at odds with MaxiTrade, saying that it is a scam, simply do not know how trading works. 

While only new at being being regulated, MaxiTrade’s decade of work is not rendered invalid. What this means is that while absent of regulation, the company had remained on the map through their legitimacy 

Conclusion: Why Work with MaxiTrade

So should you trade with MaxiTrade? Most definitely!

Forget naysayers. Be assured that while MaxiTrade possibly has shortcomings, it does not mean it is liable for everything that will happen to a trader’s activity. A trader’s success is reliant on his or her ability to make informed decisions. He or she should be proactive with opportunities, while keeping everything in check.

Yes, trading with MaxiTrade would be a good decision. However, do bear in mind that it is yet just another guidepost, the trader is always the one to call the shots